If you need a private investigator for your legal case, please refer me to your attorney. I offer the following services to individuals with private, non-court matters:

Locate a Person
Discover a person's current whereabouts and contact information. If the matter is not related to an open court case represented by an attorney, the located subject will be given your information and request to contact you if they wish.

Background Check
Find out the suitability of potential business or marriage partners, employees or tenants. Results may include address history, assets, relatives and associates, social media presence, civil and criminal court cases, education and work history.

Asset Search
Determine if someone is hiding assets, or doesn't actually have the assets they claim to. Service includes discovering records for businesses, real estate, vehicles and other property owned.

Detect fraud or deception by tracking an individual's actual movements and whereabouts. Service includes a report of activity, with photos and videos if necessary.