Identity Investigator

Know your subjects.

Determine the correct identity of potential defendants, or alternate identities of judgment debtors. If you hold a judgment, get the social security number of your debtor so you can conduct a bank account locate.

Whether it’s a business or an individual, an incorrectly identified or mis-named defendant can result in a judgment that can not be enforced. In post-judgment matters, I can alert the creditor of assets that may be titled differently than how the debtor is named on the judgment.

Using a variety of investigative methods, I can confirm or reveal the true identity of a person or business, so you can begin legal action or debt collection against the correct entity.

In fraud cases, there may be evidence of identity deception. I can help discover misrepresentation or deceit by investigating the background of people and businesses to find records, true identities, and witnesses to past dealings.


  • $150 flat rate covers up to 3 hours desk time searching data sources and making phone, e-mail and postal mail inquiries where necessary.

  • $125/hour plus mileage and expenses if visiting physical locations is necessary.