Asset Searches

Find out if a debtor has enough resources to pay back money owed or is worth taking to court. If you already won a court judgment, discover if the debtor is hiding any assets now.

For attorneys, an asset search is an important part of both pre-litigation and post-judgment investigation. Find out early if a contingency case is worth pursuing, and what can be collected during the judgment enforcement process.

Assets may include real property, business inventory, work income, bank accounts, intellectual property such as patents and trademarks, money owed, rental income, and vehicles.

I use a combination of proprietary database information, public records, personal inquiries and visits to properties if necessary, and other investigative methods to determine if a person or business has resources that could be collected on.

Flat Rate: $150

Flat rate covers up to 3 hours desk time searching sources and making phone and e-mail inquiries where necessary. Written report included.

$80/hour plus mileage and expenses...

...if visiting physical locations is necessary. This would happen for more complicated or unusual asset searches, or going to physical locations to see what assets are on site.

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