Background Investigations

Discover the character and past activity of potential employees, business partners, vendors, tenants, relationship potential and other associates.

For attorneys, determine the credibility of witnesses and complainants, how they may appear to a jury, and how that will affect your client’s case.

I use a combination of proprietary database information, public records and media sources, personal inquiries if necessary, and other investigative methods to compile a comprehensive profile of a subject.

These searches include criminal and civil court cases, assets, prior jobs and business ventures, associates, and Internet and social media presence.

Flat Rate: $150

Flat rate covers up to 3 hours desk time searching sources and making phone and e-mail inquiries where necessary. Written report included.

$80/hour plus mileage and expenses...

...if visiting physical locations is necessary. This would happen for more complicated or unusual background checks. For example, San Francisco's criminal court requires records checks to be made in person.

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