Records Search & Retrieval

Discover documents and records to help prove your case.

These include court filings, property deeds, business filings, and marriage records.

I search various sources for both public and private records.

Note, protected records such as police reports or medical files require a signed release form from the person in question. So for private records about someone besides your client, you’ll have to get a court order for them. What I can do is help determine whether interesting private records exist, where they’re located, and who to subpoena for them.

Flat Rate: $100

Flat rate covers up to 3 hours desk time searching sources and making phone and e-mail inquiries where necessary. Written report included.

$80/hour plus mileage and expenses...

...if visiting physical locations is necessary. This would happen for more complicated or unusual searches, or going to physical locations to retrieve copies of records.

Questions? Visit the FAQs.