Private Investigator & Registered Process Server

Helping attorneys win cases and creditors collect judgments.

for Lawyers & Law Firms

Pre-Litigation Investigations

Get preliminary asset searches and background profiles to consider if a common counts, breach of contract, fraud or injury case is worth pursuing, and case analysis to determine liability and chances of winning a judgment. Confirm identities in order to begin legal action or debt collection against the correct entities, and/or discover additional potential defendants. Track down elusive subjects to interview, deliver notice, or serve initial legal process.

Legal Investigation & Attorney Services

Diligent investigative services for attorneys such as locating and interviewing witnesses, visiting the scene of incidents for photos and canvassing for new leads, and other necessary field investigations, as well as going under cover or pretexting for new information, and stakeouts for service of process.

for Judgment Creditors

Judgment Assignment

Do you have a small claim judgment that's still not satisfied after several years? Assign it to a judgment enforcement professional, and potentially recover up to 50% of the principal plus interest.

Judgment Enforcement Services

Post-judgment investigation services including surveillance to discover assets at debtor locations and/or where debtors go to earn income, pulling records that show how debtors are named on titles to property, and staking out evasive debtors to serve orders to appear for examination.

Locate and subpoena third-parties. Get a registered process server to open sheriff files for service of garnishments and levies on financial accounts and other income sources.