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📃 Service of Process

Serving the City & the Peninsula

  • $150 Urgent (3 days) *1st attempt within 24 hours of payment

  • $100 Rush (7 days)

  • $70 Routine (14 days)

  • $250 Writ Service (Open, Serve, File)

Flat rates are per address/per entity and cover up to 5 "door knock" attempts with a proof of service or due diligence sent to you for court filing.
  • $125/hour plus mileage and expenses for a stakeout or service is incidental to an investigation, such as serving subpoenas as part of witness location and interviews.

  • 25 cents/page to receive docs from e-mail/fax.

I serve papers in San Francisco and San Mateo counties only, and provide referrals for other areas.

Service of summons and complaint on defendants, subpoenas on witnesses and records, as well as various notices or letters. As a registered process server I’m also qualified to serve post-judgment documents such as writs and orders for appearance.

If you need to locate defendants, debtors or witnesses first, consider my skip trace service. For difficult subjects, I offer stakeout service for an hourly rate (see above).